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WEBMATE is a simple yet specific web- based tool designed to allow breeders to request mating recommendations for different groups of animals. The program is most useful to breeders who Type Classify their cows through Holstein UK and there are various options to choose from when deciding which groups of females to analyse, such as by latest classification only, by certain trait ranges or youngstock.

Once a group of females has been selected, the program allows you to analyse which bulls to use with which females in order to breed animals that compliment your system.

With WebMate, there are many options and filters available to use to find the ideal mating. For example, it is possible to restrict the search to only semen that you have in your tank and also to set a number of straws available to use. By using WebMate, inbreeding is kept to a minimum and you can choose to exclude certain sires from the breeding recommendations.

The program generates three optimum choices of bulls per cow, which allows further selection by the breeder on production and management traits.

You can easily switch between each stage by using the navigation panel at the top of the page- if you go back to make changes you will not lose any of the criteria that you have already selected. If you do go back to make changes, you need to remember to click on the ‘Next’ arrow to save these changes. Therefore, you can miss out stages that are not appropriate to you and you can open up any saved criteria from previous runs of the program.

If you do not classify your cows but wish to see how WebMate works, click here to access a fully interactive demonstration of the WebMate program. If you click on the ‘Use Full Herd’ button, you will find 12 cows for you to mate using your own criteria throughout.


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