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27-07-2012 - The sun shines on the Eurogenes Sale

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Eurogenes press release 26/07/2012


Milk price might still be waiting for the ultimate lift but the sun is finally shining and Eurogenes is running the monthly Online Embryo Sale offering you the chance to invest in something potentially a little more lucrative!


There are, as always, some outstanding prospects including:


Supersire embryos out of a Freddie from the famous Larcrest Champagne line of the Crimson family


Numero Uno’s from a Freddie out of Cosmopolitan herself


Sexed Mascalese embryos from the Windy-Knoll-View Promise family


Supersires from a Gillette Jordan from Snowman’s family.


There are many other outstanding packages from great European families, including the one that brought us the top German bull Guarini as well as favourites such as Roxy, Ralma Faith, Dellia, Laurie Shiek, Shoremar Alicia amongst others.


These come in Black and White, Red and Brown Swiss.


So what better way to celebrate the long awaited appearance of the sun than treating yourself to an exciting new cow family?!


To see the full listings, please visit


For more information, please contact:

Alison Maddrell; 07748 960267;

Ryann Spackman; 07725 653542;


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