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21-12-2011 - Exciting packages from Willsbro Holsteins selling on the Eurogenes online embryo sale

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Eurogenes news release 21/12/2011 


Willsbro provides an opportunity to buy early embryos by Numero Uno!

 Take your pick from two really interesting lots;


4 x Uno embryos from Willsbro Xacobeo Roxy

Xacobeo Roxy is a high genomic outcross heifer from the legendary Stardale Leader Roxy EX95-7E 7*.

This incredible 13 year old Brood Cow by Leader still has a gTPI of +1764 and has produced over 130 tonnes of milk! Her 12 milking daughters are all VG or EX! Her top ten grandaughters average over +2200 gTPI and +3 for gPTAT!


5 x Uno embryos from Willsbro How Lila Z VG86 2yr

Bred from one of the best daughters of Lylehaven Lila Z, her dam Acecroft Goldwyn Lila Z is a true transmitting giant; her first 11 daughters milking have all classified VG as 2yr olds and she has numerous high gTPI and gPTAT daughters and sons, including Willsbro Larson @ Semex, the No 1 RC* bull worldwide. 

How Lila Z is also looking to transmit well; her first daughter Willsbro Shottle How Lila Z has a gTPI of +2106 with a gPTAT of +3.39 and UDC of +3.12, putting her amongst the top 20 Shottle daughters in Europe!



5 x Goldchip embryos from Willsbro Baxter Pammy VG87 2yr should make some really interesting calves too!

Pammy has a Genomic index of +2083 gTPI and +3.28 gPTAT making her one of the highest outcross cows in Europe. 

She is dam to Willsbro Niagra Pammy, the former no 1 outcross heifer in Europe at gTPI +2224, who sold for £40,000!

Baxter Pammy also bred Willsbro Pammy Man O Man. At +2308 gTPI, she is one of the highest Man O Man daughters in Europe. Baxter Pammy is backed by EX95, EX95, EX94.


Willsbro also provides exciting opportunities for Red & White breeding;


5 x Colt P embryos from Willsbro Gold Rachel RC* VG86 2yr

Rachel has a gTPI of +1968, which puts her among the highest Red/Red Carrier cows in the world. She is a granddaughter of Rockset Faber Rachel EX95!


5 x Larson embryos from Willsbro Goldwyn S Rose RC* VG86 2yr

Rose has a gTPI of +1944 another high score for Red/Red Carrier cows. She is a stylish RC Goldwyn x Shottle x Lavender Ruby Redrose EX96!


There are several more Willsbro lots featured in this month’s sale, all from top international and UK families and at genuine prices.


Please visit or CLICK HERE to view the full auction


For more information, please contact;


Robert Wills; mob: 07980 011856:

Arjan van der Vlis; mob: 0031 643 985150; email:

Alison Maddrell; mob: 07748 960267; email:

Ryann Spackman; mob: 07725 653542; email:


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