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13-04-2011 - Latest opportunities in Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale

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Eurogenes press release 13/04/2011
Latest opportunities in the Eurogenes Online Embryo Sale
The ever-popular Eurogenes Embryo Sale is up and running once again. April sees an unprecedented quantity of top quality offerings from some of the best global families. The sale is now half-way through - substantial interest is evident in many packages on offer and there is something to suit any budget.
You can take the opportunity to invest in Gillette Jordan Frosty’s, Durable RC Barbie’s, Lauthority Cookie’s or Licorice, Observer Roxy or Lilac Z’s, Windbrook Lustre’s and Faith’s.
There are Shamrock’s and Snowman’s, Sid’s and Secure’s. Beacon’s, Explode’s, Seaver’s and Super’s! Maybe Niagra, Alaska or the exclusive Domain!
UK families are well represented with popular Polly and reliable Roxy. Awesome Ambrosia’s feature alongside the superb Sharon’s!
If you have never considered what the Online Embryo Sale might have for you, give it a go. Expanding your herd base quickly, reliably and with the ultimate consideration to protecting your herd health status can be done with cost efficiency in mind.

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The next exciting youngstock could be yours!

For more information please contact;

Jan de Vries; mob 0031 626 250502, email

Arjan van der Vlies; mob 0031 643 985150, email

Alison Maddrell; mob 07748 960267, email

Kyle Henry; mob 07868 365675, email

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