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22-02-2011 - Eurogenes Embryo Sale Online Now!

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Eurogenes Embryo Sale Online Now!


The well established Eurogenes Embryo Sale is once again up and running. Offering the best of elite genetics to all breeders at affordable prices, this is a fabulous opportunity to access new bloodlines easily.


UK breeding is represented in the auction through several lots;

No. 15, from Ansavalley Genetics, early Beacon embryos from the impressive Smiddiehill Toys Ambrosia VG87-2yr. Beacon is a popular high genomic Shottle son with much interest in both him and the Ambrosia family.

No.27, from ErieMaplerose, 6 Gillette Jordans from Sahara Advent Amazing, a cross between the no.1 LPI bull in Canada and the granddaughter of Ashlyns Angel EX95, Ambrosia’s sister.

No.58, 5 Niagras from Majestic Goldwyn Amanda VG88, a second calver proving herself in Northern Ireland bred from the proven Overside Lee Amanda EX92-3E

No.60, again from Majestic Holsteins, offers 5 Gerard sired embryos from a Shottle granddaughter of the one and only Licorice.


To view these and many other unique combinations, simply register at


All embryos are delivered for the price bid – no hidden costs. Take advantage of this easy way into some of the best families in the world.


For more info, please don’t hesitate to contact us;

Jan de Vries; 0031 626 250502

Arjan van de Vlis; 0031 643 985150

Alison Maddrell; 01684 578077

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