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Picture of the Week

Herd turn out time

Thank you to Sue Sanders from the Isle of Man for sending in this picture of her Sandisfarne herd being turned out.

We would love to see your cows being turned out, so send them in!

Please send pictures to

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Business Focus

UK Genomic Tests

UK genomic tests can be requested through your Holstein Members Area, Genomics tab, for any animal in your Herd.

Learn more about requesting UK genomic tests »

Holstein UK

Business Tools

Holstein UK endeavours to provide its members with powerful tools to give a unique business advantage. This section previews those tools available.

These pages will automatically rotate showing each tool in turn. Alternatively, if you're ready to view the next page you can click on the circles underneath this box to switch the pages manually.

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Bull Selector Logo

Bull Selector the UKs leading multi breed, independent and unbiased bull short listing tool that is entirely free to use- you don’t even need to be a member! This simple tool is available by clicking here.

Learn more about Bull Selector »

ClassAct is the latest addition to the Holstein UK toolset. It provides farmers with a unique set of reports and graphs to easily arrange and analyse all of their herds classification data. The new classact reports can be found by logging in to the members homepage.

Learn more about ClassAct »

WebReg Logo

WebReg is a completely free, multi-breed, multi-functional online registration service. This tool is available from theCDI for all pedigree registrations for the following breeds: Ayrshire, British Blue, British Friesian, Brown Swiss, European Angus, Guernsey, Holstein & Montbeliarde.

Learn more about WebReg »

Virtual Cow Logo
Virtual Cow

The Holstein UK Virtual Cow makes it easy to envision the ideal Holstein cow. Easily compare all of the traits that the Holstein UK Classifiers look for and control how they appear on screen to match your herd. This tool is now Free to ALL (UK and International) Agricultural and Veterinary Colleges/ Universities. Please click HERE for access details.

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Holstein Search Logo
Holstein Search

The Holstein UK Search pages make it quick and easy to find animals that have been registered in our herdbook. To get started use the quick search box underneath the picture of the week. Or go to the advanced search page for more options.

Learn more about Holstein Search »

Ancestry Pages Logo
Ancestry Pages & Factsheets

Ancestry pages enable users to search through an animal’s history looking back at its ancestors pedigree information.

Factsheets make it possible to search for all kinds of facts and figures on any bull or cow that is registered by Holstein UK.

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WebMate Logo

WebMate has been designed to help breeders identify which of the many hundreds of sires available may best suit their system and is provided free of charge from the CDI Website

Learn more about WebMate »

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Holstein UK - Top Stats

British Friesian - Top Stats

Job Board

Use the Holstein UK Job Board to find or advertise jobs, student placements and opportunities abroad.

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Upcoming 2014 Events

Showmanship & Calf Judges Conference: Thurs 1st May at Noremead Holsteins, Wiltshire by kind permission of CB Cooper Partnership

HYB Competitions Day: Sat 31st May at Aintree Holstein, Wrexham by kind permission of Richard and Ruth Pilkington

Holstein Celebration: 10th & 11th June at Cadbury House Hotel, Somerset hosted by the South West Club

Genetic Elite Sale: Thurs 12th June at Segdmoor Market, Bridgwater

National Judges Conference: Tues 24th June at Bilsrow Holsteins, Lancashire by kind permission of the Tomlinson Family

Premier pedigree herd open day: Sat 28th June from 10.30am at Sterndale and Peak Holsteins

HYB Weekend Rally: 15th – 17th August held at Bicton College, East Budleigh, Devon

All Breeds All Britain Calf Show: Sat 18th - Sun 19th October held at the Three Countries Showground, Malvern

The Journal

Latest Edition

The latest Journal issues are available to view in the 'Members' section.

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